The Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet is a young and energetic chamber music ensemble established in 2019. Coming from four different parts of the world, Lisa Schreiber, Jen-Hong Wu, Ileana Termini and Pedro Silva all driven by their passion for music have found together in the culturally vibrant city of Amsterdam. 

“I was very touched by the great performance of the Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet.
This group has a distinctive personality showcasing the sounding resonance of four people integrated into one, expanding the expressive possibilities of the quartet.
The three chosen pieces were contrasting in character and made an overall complete and rounded program that I enjoyed listening to very much.”
Nobuya Sugawa

” …their command of styles and total commitment to the music they play make them an outstanding young ensemble worth following.” – Maria Milstein

“The Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet is unique in approach and sound world. A fantastic collaboration of cultures fused with energy, drive and progressive repertoire leads to such engaging and thought-provoking performances.” – Naomi Sullivan

“Het Dokwerk Saxophone Kwartet laat uitmuntend samenspel horen, zowel op technisch als muzikaal gebied. Daarnaast profileert het kwartet zich met een interessante programmakeuze en een aantrekkelijke en doordachte podiumpresentatie.” – Michel Dispa

“Het Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet bestaat uit vier hoogvliegers van de saxofoonklas aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Vanuit alle hoeken van de wereld kwamen deze vier energieke saxofonisten naar Amsterdam, waar ze hun kwartet de naam Dokwerk gaven en zich uitleven met allerlei avontuurlijk repertoire.” Schiermonnikoog Festival

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